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Irregular Verbs Following a Similar Pattern

Other Irregular Verbs Following a Similar Pattern:

Base Form  Past Simple  Past Participle
Burn Burnt/Burned Burnt/Burned
Clap Clapped/Clapt Clapped/Clapt
Dream Dreamt/Dreamed Dreamt/Dreamed
Kneel Knelt/Kneeled Knelt/Kneeled
Lean Leant/Leaned Leant/Leaned
Leap Leapt/Leaped Leapt/Leaped
Smell Smelt/Smelled Smelt/Smelled
Spell Spelt/Spelled Spelt/Spelled
Spill Spilt/Spilled Spilt/Spilled
Spoil Spoilt/Spoiled Spoilt/Spoiled
Strip Stript/Stripped Stript/Stripped
Sunburn Sunburned/Sunburnt Sunburned/Sunburnt
Sweep Swept/Sweeped Swept/Sweeped
Vex Vext/Vexed Vext/Vexed


breathe Listen to audio/ˈbri:ð/ verb

breathes; breathed; breath·ing

1 : to move air into and out of your lungs : to inhale and exhale [no obj] Relax and breathe deeply. He was breathing hard from running. The patient suddenly stopped breathing. I can hardly breathe with all this smoke. [+ obj] He wants to live where he can breathe clean/fresh air.

2 a : to send (something) out from your lungs through your mouth or nose [+ obj] a dragon that breathes fireoften + out breathing out [=exhaling] carbon dioxide [no obj] He breathed [=blew] on the glass and wiped it clean.often + out Breathe out through your nose.
b : to take (something) into your lungs through your mouth or nose [+ obj] You shouldn’t be breathing [=inhaling] those fumes. People usually contract the virus by breathing contaminated air.often + in You shouldn’t be breathing in those fumes. [no obj] Breathe deeply and then exhale.usually + in Breathe in through your nose.

3 [no obj] : to be alive
I’ll never give up as long as I’m still breathing. a living, breathing human being

4 [no obj] : to pause and rest before continuing
We had barely stopped to breathe before we were on the go again.

5 [+ obj] : to bring (something) into a thing
City leaders hope the project will breathe vitality/energy into the downtown. Their leadership breathed new life into the movement. [=gave new energy to the movement]

6 [no obj] : to feel able to think or act freely
I need some room to breathe. = I need some breathing room/space.

7 [no obj] a : to allow air to pass through
a fabric that breathes
b : to be cooled or refreshed by air that passes through clothing
Cotton clothing lets your skin breathe.

8 [+ obj] : to say (something) very quietly
It’s beautiful, she breathed.usually used in the phrase breathe a word Don’t breathe a word of/about this to anyone! [=do not say anything about this to anyone]

9 [no obj] of wine : to develop a better flavor because of contact with air
Open the bottle a few minutes before you want to drink it so that the wine can breathe.

breathe a sigh of relief

: to relax because something you have been worrying about is not a problem or danger anymore : to feel relieved
We all breathed a sigh of relief when we heard that they were safe.
breathe down someone’s neck

1 : to chase after someone closely
The cops were breathing down our necks.

2 : to watch someone carefully and constantly
His parents are always breathing down his neck.

breathe easy or breathe easier or breathe easily or breathe freely

: to feel relief from pressure, danger, etc.
I’ll breathe easier once this whole ordeal is over. You can breathe easy knowing that your children are safe.
breathe your lastsee 4last
live and breathe

If you live and breathe something, you spend a great deal of time, thought, or effort on that thing.
She lives and breathes music. They live and breathe their work.
breath·able Listen to audio /ˈbri:ðəbəl/ adjective [more breathable; most breathable]
a breathable fabric [=a fabric that allows air to pass through]
— breathing noun [noncount]
Her breathing is heavy/shallow/labored.often used before another noun We’ll begin with some breathing exercises. He has breathing problems.see also heavy breathing at 1heavy


2prejudice verb

prejudices; prejudiced; prejudic·ing

[+ obj] 1 : to cause (someone) to have an unfair feeling of dislike for someone or something
The incident prejudiced [=biased] consumers against the company.

2 formal : to have a harmful effect on (something, such as a legal case)
The defense claims that the media coverage prejudiced the trial. [=damaged the trial so that the result of the trial is not valid]


ac·cus·tomed Listen to audioˈkʌstəmd/ adjective
[more accustomed; most 1 : familiar with something so that it seems normal or usual — to  She is accustomed to [=used to] life/living on the farm.  We have become/grown/gotten more accustomed to their traditions and routines.  He is accustomed to doing what he wants to do. [=he usually does what he wants to do]

2 always used before a noun, formal : usual or regular 
 at her accustomed [=customary] lunch hour  She arrived early enough to get her accustomed seat in the front row.


re·trieve Listen to audio/rɪˈtri:v/ verb

re·trieves; re·trieved; re·triev·ing

1 [+ obj] a : to get and bring (something) back from a place 
 Many archaeological relics were retrieved from the site.  Police retrieved his stolen car. 
b : to find and get (information) from a computer or disk 
 You can quickly retrieve data/information.  The files were retrieved from the computer.  He was able to retrieve the document.

2 : to find and bring birds or animals that have been shot back to a hunter [no obj]  The dog is learning how to retrieve. [+ obj]  The dog has been trained to retrieve birds.

3 [+ obj] formal : to keep (something) from failing or becoming worse 
 They were able to retrieve [=save] the situation.  Can their relationship be retrieved? [=salvaged]

— re·triev·able Listen to audio /rɪˈtri:vəbəl/ adjective 
 The data should be retrievable.


iro·ny Listen to audio/ˈaɪrəni/ noun

plural iro·nies

1 [noncount] : the use of words that mean the opposite of what you really think especially in order to be funny 
 a writer known for her clever use of irony  What a beautiful view, he said, his voice dripping withirony, as he looked out the window at the alley.  She described her vacation with heavy irony as an educational experience.  compare sarcasm

2 : a situation that is strange or funny because things happen in a way that seems to be the opposite of what you expected [count]  It was a tragic irony that he made himself sick by worrying so much about his health.  The (awful/bitter) irony is that in trying to forget her, he thought of her even more.  That’s just one of life’s little ironies. [noncount]  The irony of the situation was apparent to everyone.  He has a strong sense of irony.


Name                   tame                 lame             shape              came                  plate  
Made                   fame                 cave               cane               same                  lake
Gave                     wave               safe                 slate               brave                  grape
Game                  shade                save                skate              brake                  shame

verb ends in y

However, when a verb ends in y immediately preceded by a vowel, the y is not changed before the ending s is added. In each of the following examples, the vowel immediately preceding the final y is underlined.
Bare Infinitive
Third Person Singular


To HAVE is special verbs because has different inflection to show the gender and the number. . In all the persons will be the same, except in the 3º person singular. e.g  ,  
in all the persons
  I / YOU / WE / THEY       HAVE
  In 3º person singular
SHE / HE / IT   HAS 
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