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hold back [phrasal verb]

hold back[phrasal verb]

1 a : to stop yourself from doing something 

 She wanted to introduce herself to him but she held back out of shyness. 

b : to make a less than complete effort 

 She could have beaten him in the race, but she held back and let him win. [=she did not run as fast as she could have so that he would win] 

c hold (someone) back : to stop (someone) from doing something 

 Once he starts talking, there’s no holding him back. [=it’s very hard to get him to stop talking]

2 hold (something) back or hold back (something) a : to not allow (something) to be seen or known by someone 

 He was unable to hold back his tears. [=to keep from crying] 
 The government held back[=withheld] some crucial information from the media.
  I know you’re angry, so don’t hold anythingback (from me). [=tell me everything] 

b : to keep (something) 

 He held several thousand dollars back in case of an emergency. 

c : to delay (something) 

 The company held back the first shipment of the new product until it was completely ready.

3 hold (someone or something) back or hold back (someone or something) : to stop (someone or something) from moving forward : to stop (someone or something) from advancing to the next level, grade, or stage 

 She might have been more successful, but bad health held her back.  He was held back [=kept back] in first grade.
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