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colorshade  hue  tint  tingeThese words all describe the appearance of things, resulting from the way in which they reflect light.color the appearance that things have, resulting from the way in which they reflect light. Red, green, and blue are colors: What’s your favorite color? bright/dark/light colorsshade a particular form of a color, especially when describing how light or dark it is. Lavender is a shade of purple.hue (literary or technical) a color or a particular shade of a color: His face took on an unhealthy, whitish hue.tint a shade or small amount of a particular color; a faint color covering a surface: green leaves with red and gold tintstinge a small amount of a color: Her hair is brown with just a tinge of red.tint or tinge?You can say a reddish tint/tinge or a tinge of red but not a tint of red.Tint is more often used in the plural.PATTERNSa warm/rich color/shade/hue/tinta bright/vivid/vibrant/dark/deep color/shade/huea pale/pastel/soft/subtle/delicate color/shade/huea light/strong/neutral/natural color/shade________________________________________________________________

Paint /peɪnt/ 
1 [uncountable] a liquid that is put on surfaces to give them a particular color; a layer of this liquid when it has dried on a surface

white paint





/dru/ ,        drawn


make pictures
1 [intransitive, transitive] to make pictures, or a picture of something, with a pencil, pen, or chalk (but not paint)
You draw beautifully.


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