come Listen to audio/ˈkʌm/ verb comes; came Listen to audio/ˈkeɪm/; come; com·ing


come up [phrasal verb]

1 : to move near to someone or something : to approach someone or something
He came (right) up (to me) and introduced himself.


2 a : to be mentioned or thought of
That issue never came up. [=arose] A question has come up about the budget. I was surprised when his name came up as a possible candidate for the job.
b : to occur in usually a sudden or unexpected way
She seems to be ready to deal with any problem that may come up. [=arise] Something has come up and I won’t be able to attend the meeting. We need to be ready to take action if an opportunity comes up.


3 of the sun or moon : to become visible in the sky : to rise
She was already awake when the sun came up.


4 of a plant : to first appear above the ground
in the spring, when the daffodils and tulips are coming up


5 : to finish in a specified condition or state
I flipped the coin and it came up heads/tails. The shot came up short. [=the shot did not go far enough]


6 : to move up in rank or status
an officer who came up from/through the ranks [=who started as an ordinary soldier and rose to become an officer]


7 Something that is coming up will happen soon or will appear soon.
With the election coming up, both candidates are spending all their time on the campaign trail. Our interview with the mayor is coming (right) up after this commercial. I’d like a turkey sandwich and a glass of lemonade, please. Coming right up! [=the sandwich and lemonade will be served to you very quickly]

come up against [phrasal verb]

come up against (something) : to be stopped or slowed by (something)
The proposal has come up against some opposition. [=there is some opposition to the proposal]
come up empty

: to fail to get or find something or someone
The police searched the area for clues but came up empty. [=they did not find any clues]
come upon

[phrasal verb] somewhat formal

1 come upon (someone or something) : to meet or find (someone or something) by chance
As they turned the corner, they came upon an unexpected scene. While researching the town’s history, she came upon some surprising new information about its first mayor.


2 come upon (someone) of a feeling : to affect (someone) suddenly
An urge to travel suddenly came upon him. [=he suddenly felt an urge to travel]

come up to [phrasal verb]

come up to (something) : to be as good as (something)
The movie didn’t come up to our expectations. [=was not as good as we expected it to be]
come up with [phrasal verb
come up with (something) : to get or think of (something that is needed or wanted)
We finally came up with a solution (to our problem). He came up with an interesting new method of improving the factory’s efficiency. He’ll be in a lot of trouble if he doesn’t come up with the money he owes.
come what may

: regardless of what happens
He promised to support her, come what may.

easy come, easy go


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