The different between “ Like “ and “ As “

Today, we will studyThe different betweenLike “ and “ As “

“ AS “ is a preposition, it meansin the capacity of  or role of “


As your lawyer I advise you to wait

We need people to act as guides

 So: “ AS “Prepositional  Phrasal   

after  the object of certains verbs , including :

Accept  as              to acknowledge as       to claim as
To characterise as    to class as           to count as  
To define as            to describe as               to intend as
To look on as        to recognise as           to  regard as

To see as                 to treat as                         to use  as

  e.g .
At one time we regarded emigration as our only solution
It means : we thought emigration was our only solution.
I often have to use a knife as a screwdriver.
So:  Likemeans :” similar to “ or “ in the manner of “
e.g  Tom sings like his father 
It means : He sings in a similar way.
She is quite like her sister
It means: she is quite similar to her sister.
“As “ – Subordinator 
.correspond to preposition Like, it means “ in a way similar to “
e.G :
Tom sings as his father
It means : He sings in a way similar to his father does
Mrs. Lupe spoke as an actress speaks.It means : She spoke in a way similiar to an actress does
I’m your Personal English Coach in Granollers, Barcelona.
You can follow me on :
See ya.
It means : I use a knife to do the job of a screwdriver.


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