Countables and Uncountables

Today, we will study Countables and Uncountables 

Things we cannot count have no indefinite article , and  usually no plural .

Ink / water / wood / darkness / butter / cheese / drink / grass  / coffee / sand / rain / air

Remember that only some countables take “a “ or “ an   .Indefinite Articles

e.g     words beginning with consonat:

A dog         a potato     a student     a chair

A pen         a cow          a fish            a room

Words beginning with vowels :

An Englishman    an engine   an eye    an elephant

An Australian       an egg    an apple     an orphan

So, Uncountable nouns , and  countables in the plural are preceded by SomeWhen “ a certain quantity, or number “ is implied.
e,g :
Bread is good for us
it means : all bread, in general.

Give me some bread.
It means: a certain quantity

 “ a or anis used for any one example of a countable noun. The plural of this is some

Somemeans an unknown number of that noun.
have a  red book; I buy some black books

There is / there areintroduced this idea instead of the simple verb to be.

e.g:  There is a broken chair in the corner of the room.

There were some books on this table yesterday.

There  will be a pinic in the forest next Friday.

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