“Suffixes “


One way to increase  your  vocabulary  isto  learn  to  reoganize and to use suffixes.
A suffix: is one or two more syllables placed  after  a root word to form a new word .
root            suffixes             new word
 appear    +     ance         =    appearance         
 adjust    +     ment        =     adjustment       
 arrange  +    ment       =      arrangement
Friend      +   ship          =    friendship

Noun  suffixes Than Mean” One Who  Does Something “ 
root         Example              Meaning
 –ant       commandant    one who commands
 –eer        auctioneer       one who auctions 
er        photographer  one who takes photos
ist        geolgist   one who studies in geology
ician  magician    onewhoperformsmagic

Noun suffixes That Make  AbstractWords  
root            Meaning
 –ance         vigilance
 –ence         independence 
ation         imagination
ition          condition
dom           freedom
hood          womanhood
-ice               cowardice

Noun suffixes That Make  AbstractWords  
root            Meaning
 –ism           realism
 –ment        encouragement 
ness           kindness
ship            friendship
tude           solitude
Ty               frailty
ity               ability

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