“Rules of irregular Verbs “

The past tense form is used alone ( finite verb ). 
Group . 3 – Another group of  irregular verbs are those  that add  / N / or / EN /  to  the past form  to make  the past participle.
Present                                          Past             PAST  PARTICIPLE
Bear                                                 Bore                 BORN
Beat                                                  beat                  BEATEN
Bite                                                   Bit                     BITTEN
Break                                               broke                BROKEN
Choose                                           Chose                 CHOSEN
Freeze                                            Froze                   FROZEN 
Speak                                            Spoke                  SPOKEN
Steal                                              stole                      STOLEN
Swear                                           Swore                    SWORN
Tear                                              Tore                       TORN

Wear                                            wore                        WORN

THE AUXILIARY VERB “ TO DO “ in the past  in negative

in all the persons
  I / YOU / WE / THEY       Did not
In 3º person singular
SHE / HE / IT   Did  not

The diphthongs , / OI /  OY  /   
These diphthongs offer no difficulties ; both are always  pronounce  oi /
   Oil            boil            boy           joy               choice       coin          point          soil          enjoy             noise
Except :  choir  is pronounced /  ‘kwaɪəʳ  /      coro
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