Adjective using That- clause “

Today, we will studyAdjective using Thatclause  “

Certain adjectives can be postmodified by a That-clause
These include past participles that are used as adjectives:
Our  mothers were sure that we would agree.
Our mothers were sure  we would agree.

So: “Adjective using That-clause 
after   certains adjectives  , including :
 afraid     alarmed    amazed    amused    angry
Anxious   ashamed    astonished      confident 
Delighted    depressed   determined   disgusted
Glad    happy   hopeful     optimistic     sorry  

So:  Adjective using To-infinitive
they express a feeling , and “to “ gives the cause of the feeling
  e.g .
Amused     angry     annoyed        ashamed  
Bored      concerned      content      delighted
Depressed  disappointed    disgusted  excited
Pleased     proud     sad       surprised    upset

So:  Adjective using To-infinitive
 they express a feeling , and “to “ gives the cause of the feeling.  So the To-clause often has a perfect infinitive
  e.g .
 My father was pleased to have passed the exam
                                        Perfect infinitive
It means : He was pleased to pass the exam
                  : He was happy that he himself passed the exam.
So:  Adjective using To-infinitive
they express an attitude towards the action of the clause .the attitude is previous to the action. So a perfect infinitve is not possible here.
  e.g .
 He is prepared to lend us the money
Are you afraid to go out in the storm ?

 So:  Adjective using To-infinitive
  e.g .
 afraid        apt       curious       determine 
Eager       free         impatient     inclined
Keen        prepared    ready        reluctant
Unwilling     willing   

So:  Adjective using To-infinitive
 Prompt / quick / and slow  can also be postmodified with “ to –clause “ , but  with a different meaning:. 
  e.g .
 They were quick to complain
It means : they complained immediately
Our teacher were slow to notice
It means : He does not notice immediately
The villagers were prompt to offer help.
It means : they offered help immedialely

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