“Adjective Suffixes “

  “Adjective Suffixes

One way to increase your vocabulary is to learn to reoganize and to use suffixes.
An Adjective suffixWhen you add these suffixes to a root , you change the root to an adjective. You also change the meaning of the root

Adjective suffixes  Mean “ Full of  “
Suffix          Example              Meaning
 –ous            furious                 full of fury
 -ose            verbose        wordy / full of words
acious       vivacious      full of vivacity

ful                harmful      full of harm  

Adjective suffixes  Mean “ Relating to  “  orPertaining to
Suffix                      Example                                            Meaning
 –al               musical                 relating to music
 –ant             triumphant        relating to triumph 
ic                   heroic                  pertaining to  hero
ical             economical   pertaining to economy
ative           talkative         relating to talk
ish               childish          relating to a child
ive                active              pertaining to action

   Adjective suffixes  Mean What they say
Suffix                      Example                                            Meaning
 –able               readable                 able to be read 
 –ible             convertible            able to be converted 
most                topmost              being at the very top
less               senseless                  without sense 
like                 lifelike                   like life 
                              –IBLE = SENSIBLE
SENSE                 LESS = SENSELESS
                              – ITIVE = SENSITIVE

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